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Forthcoming / Non-Fiction

Sephardi Voices

The Untold Expulsion of Jews from Arab Lands

Henry Green and Richard Stursberg

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Filled with riveting personal stories, striking portraits, and stirring photography, this important book tells the tragic story of the expulsions of the Sephardi Jews from their ancient homelands after 1948, and how they rebuilt their lives in their newly adopted homes.

In the decades following the founding of Israel, close to a million Jews were forced from their ancestral homelands in the Middle East, North Africa, and Iran. This story of state-sanctioned discrimination, violence, and political unrest is told with stunning photography and gripping first-hand accounts from survivors. They tell of violent persecution and daring midnight airlifts—but also of a world left behind, and new lives in new lands. This is a story of Jewish history, of a resilient people finding strength in the face of terrible injustice.

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