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Leaning Out of Windows

An Art and Physics Collaboration

Randy Lee Cutler, Ingrid Koenig. In collaboration with Emily Carr University of Art + Design

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Leaning Out of Windows shares results from a six-year collaboration by a group of artists, scholars and physicists exploring the connections and differences between the language they use, the means by which they develop knowledge, how that knowledge is visualized, and, ultimately, how they seek to understand the universe.

Physicists from TRIUMF, Canada’s particle accelerator centre, presented key concepts in the themes of Antimatter, Emergence, and In/visible Forces to artists and scholars convened by Emily Carr University of Art + Design; the participants then generated conversations, process drawings, diagrams, field notes, and works of art. From this leaning into uncertainty comes a rich array of work towards furthering the shared project of artists, scholars and scientists in shaping cultural understandings of the universe. Combined with additional essays, diagrams, and artworks, these texts and artworks live in the intersection of disparate fields that nonetheless share a deep curiosity of the world and our place within it, and a dedication to building and sharing knowledges.

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