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Gig Mindset Advantage, The

Why a Bold New Breed of Employee is Your Organization’s Secret Weapon in Volatile Times

Jane McConnell

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This book is a breakthrough!” —Jessica Lipnack, coauthor of The Age of the Network and Virtual Teams

Companies and organizations around the world are being confronted with alarming challenges: political instability, climate change, a global pandemic. In these unsettled times, organizational analyst and strategic advisor Jane McConnell reveals a secret weapon for managers and executives: the overlooked group of employees that share “the gig mindset.” In The Gig Mindset Advantage, Jane McConnell brings over a decade of research into workforce culture, organizational strategy, and digital transformation to bear on this new breed of employee, whose way of working is a wake-up call to managers and executives—and a bold new pathway toward long-term success and resilience.

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